NINA Kovacheva & Valentin Stefanoff

NINA Kovacheva and Valentin Stefanoff - Their common projects (mostly video installations) reveal a fruitful symbiosis between two creative minds, which at the same time have retained their own individuality, the result being a third, as it were, identity. Always economical in terms of images, without eye-catching special effects, often without text, with a very carefully devised sound background, the two artists’ works drive the viewers to pose themselves fundamental questions about existence in the contemporary world. Many of their recent video installations are intended for the façades of different museums and public buildings. For the video installation In the Out, which is based on the same principle, they were awarded The 2002 UNESCO Prize for the Promotion of the Arts.

Wet Contact | One, Several, Many Odyssey

video art | installation art

Wet Contact (2002)

A large screen separated in two. A split screen. Two faces - man and a woman, the faces of the authors. Both of them are looking straight into the camera. The camera does not move. In the first minutes nothing happens. The viewer has the illusion they are looking at him. They observe him… They are expecting something from him… Suddenly water slaps the face of one of them. The slaps alternate between the one and the other. Some water slaps are very strong and painful. The lighting changes as if the day is passing. The sound track was created from sound samples recorded from everyday life in conjunction and mixed with music composed by Heinz Weber. In Wet Contact, operating with language close to minimalism, the authors drive the spectators to recognize almost physically the aggression, the loneliness, observing the male and female reaction, pressing them to ask basic questions about existence in contemporary society.


One, Several, Many Odyssey (2003)

Provoked by the mythological travels of Odysseus, as well as the vernacular use of the word "odyssey," the authors invite people from different nationalities to discuss the topic. All speak their native language - Greek, French, Bulgarian, English, Spanish... they share differing points of view on the subject matter, while quoting parts of the original or interpreting the classical verse. The participants touch upon different aspects of the epic journey - the mental, physical, travel, travel into the past, or in the everyday life. The authors' goal is not to generalize, but rather to expose the variety based on the individuality.


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